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Quick shots: Don't demonize GOP women

  • Erick Erickson: Disarray in the White House is helping the GOP
  • He says talk of an Obama-Clinton ticket in 2012 is attracting attention
  • Hilary Rosen: Democrats are ridiculing O'Donnell, other Republican women
  • She says the jokes could help drive women voters to back GOP candidates

Editor's note: There are 27 days to go before voters cast ballots in the hotly contested midterm elections. In this special feature, CNN's political contributors share their quick thoughts on what's making news.

Erick Erickson is the editor-in-chief of the conservative website

Hilary Rosen is a Democratic political strategist and former chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Erickson: White House disarray is helping GOP


Disarray in the White House. That's what is driving the election right now. The headline on Matt Drudge is talk of an Obama-Clinton ticket in 2012 with Joe Biden moving to secretary of state. Rahm Emanuel is gone. Christina Romer is gone. Larry Summers is gone. Rumors are circulating that Tim Geithner will soon be gone.

All of this is happening before the election, with the economy still not doing well, which leaves people wondering why everyone is leaving.

On top of that is the visual of Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale giving the White House "helpful" advice, with a bit of Jimmy Carter wisdom thrown in. The voters, still upset with Republicans, are being reminded again and again of what they dislike about this White House, i.e. the perpetuation of failed policies of bygone eras.

Now the voters are thinking maybe, just maybe, they'll give the GOP another shot. They still don't like the GOP, but then the voters are rapidly concluding they too want Barack Obama to fail.

Rosen: Name-calling will come back to haunt Dems


"Witch is it? Sen. Christine O'Donnell or Sen. Sharron Angle?"

Some say the gift of the Tea Party keeps on giving -- giving laughs, that is. But those people are mostly comedians and late-night talk show hosts whose job it is to be funny, not to have a serious conversation about politics or the issues.

There isn't much enthusiasm in the country for a serious discussion on the issues. But one thing I know for sure -- if Democrats continue to ridicule and demean these two female Republican Party nominees with such delight and vitriol, we may end up with new additions to the Senate women's caucus.

And they will be senators because we will have pushed women voters to rally to their defense.

They sure don't fit the mold of the boys' club that usually runs these things. But these candidates have plenty on their resumes to object to. O'Donnell hasn't been honest about her college degree and her finances. Angle never met a rich person she didn't want to give a tax break to. And they happen to be way too far to the right for the average socially moderate independent voters in Delaware and Nevada.

We Democrats demonize female Republican candidates with name-calling and ridicule at our political peril.

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