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10 relationship non-negotiables

By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky
Having similar religious/political beliefs may give you less to argue bitterly about.
Having similar religious/political beliefs may give you less to argue bitterly about.
  • "The Frisky" readers on what issues in a relationship are absolutely non-negotiable
  • Readers want someone who feels the same way about having kids
  • Faithfulness, loyalty, and dependability all fall under the honesty umbrella
  • Having ambition and financial stability is important

(The Frisky) -- We reached out to readers nationwide to see what issues are absolutely non-negotiable and which situations are no-budge when it comes to looking for a potential partner. We received hundred of replies and compiled them into a list of greatest hits, if you will.

So, when it comes to giving that new relationship a shot, or making the most of a long-term one, here are the 10 most common non-negotiable issues to consider.

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1. Physical Affection. We've got a bunch of avid huggers, kissers, cuddlers, and lovers out there.

2. Honesty. It sounds like a platitude, but honesty really is so dang important. For the sake of this list, I am lumping "faithfulness," "loyalty," and "dependability" into this category because I think they fall under the giant honesty umbrella.

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3. Sense of Humor. We like to laugh our way through life. Bwahahahah!

4. Respect. What's the point of trying to build a solid relationship if respect is not the foundation? If anyone knows, please share.

5. Kids. Kids are a hot list item for many of us. Either we want them or we don't. But, most importantly, we want someone who feels the same way about wanting or not wanting rug rats.

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6. Active. So I take it most of us don't want a partner who sits around looking at the internet all day? I am saddened, but I suppose I can forgive you for wanting a mate who will log off for an hour to go to the gym.

7. Simpatico Political/ Religious Beliefs. Having a significant other with similar religious/political beliefs certainly does give you way less to engage in embittered debates about.

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8. Financial Stability. Financial idiots not welcome here. If you want to get serious with us, learn how to balance your checkbook and then we can talk.

9. Open. Open to new experiences. Open to change. Open to life. We like our people open, not closed.

10. Ambition. We like a potential mate to have a little fire under their a** when it comes to grabbing the brass ring.

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