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Diana's ring a bad omen for Kate?

By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky
  • Kate Middleton's engagement ring is same one worn by Princess Diana
  • Old wives' tale: Engagement rings may carry energy of previous owner
  • Superstition: If woman removes ring before wedding, wedding may not take place
  • Single women should not put ring on engagement finger as it might curse her to be single forever

(The Frisky) -- Kate Middleton's engagement ring just so happens to be a hand-me-down from the late Princess Diana. It's a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds set in white gold.

Although this family treasure is very dear to Prince William's heart -- it was his mother's engagement ring -- the superstitious may think that 28-year-old Kate should never have accepted it.

Not because she doesn't want to marry her Prince Charming (literally), but because some believe jewelry can be cursed.

Another big blue stone, the Hope Diamond, was not good luck for French royals. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the last royals to enjoy the stone before it was stolen and they lost their heads.

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Even if you don't believe that jewelry can be cursed, I've heard an old wives' tale that claims engagement rings are supposed to carry the energy of the marriage from whence they came. Meaning: it is bad luck to inherit a ring from an unhappy marriage.

Who is Kate Middleton?

So, essentially, Kate is wearing the ring of a troubled princess who had a very bad marriage, not to mention a tragic end.

If I were Kate, I might have hoped for something with a little bit less bad juju. And for the rest of us eyeing jewels for our big day, heed these other jewelry superstitions:

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Diamonds, not pearls, on your wedding day

In medieval times, people believed that pearls were unlucky because they represent tears. Diamonds, however, were considered great luck because they were thought to have the power to drive away witches and also prevent the wearer from ever going insane. Hence, why wearing pearls instead of diamonds on your wedding day would be thought to predict an unhappy marriage.

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Don't remove ring; Don't put one on

It is considered bad luck if a woman removes her engagement ring before the wedding for fear that the wedding may not actually happen. Also, you are not supposed to let another woman try your ring on if you don't want her to steal your man.

Conversely, it is considered bad luck for a single woman to wear a ring on her engagement finger as it might curse her to be single forever.

Stick to your own stone?

Some people think that it's bad luck to wear a birthstone that isn't yours. Uh, aren't diamonds the official birthstone of the month of April? Does that mean every bride who doesn't have an April birthday is cursed?

Silver earrings keep bad spirits out

Wearing a pair of silver earrings was once thought to keep the devil away. Silver earrings were used to prevent evil spirits from entering the body through any orifices. So think about all the devils you are keeping out of your body the next time you rock a simple pair of hoops.

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