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UGA bulldogs its way to top of party schools list

By the staff
University of Georgia is the top party school, according to The Princeton Review.
University of Georgia is the top party school, according to The Princeton Review.
  • University of Georgia wins title of top party school from The Princeton Review
  • It is determined by survey on alcohol, drugs, hours studied, how popular Greek system is
  • Brigham Young University in Utah topped the stone-cold sober list

(CNN) -- The University of Georgia has partied its way to No. 1 on the top party schools list. It also came in second in the subcategory of lots of hard liquor.

The party school honor was bestowed by The Princeton Review based on survey questions about alcohol, drugs, how many hours students studied and how popular the fraternities and sororities were at the school.

Georgia came in in fourth place last year, but it has been among the top 20 party schools for 10 of the past 13 years, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

UGA also took seventh place for the availability of beer and ninth place for how little students study, popularity of its Greek scene, how many students attend football games and the quality of its athletic facilities.

Here are the top 10 party schools:

1. University of Georgia -- Athens, Georgia

2. Ohio University -- Athens, Ohio

3. Pennsylvania State University -- University Park, Pennsylvania

4. West Virginia University -- Morgantown, West Virginia

5. University of Mississippi -- Oxford, Mississippi

6. University of Texas -- Austin, Texas

7. University of Florida -- Gainesville, Florida

8. University of California -- Santa Barbara, California

9. University of Iowa -- Iowa City

10. DePauw University -- Greencastle, Indiana

Providence College in Rhode Island swam its way to the top of lots of hard liquor category. Ohio University students gained the lead in lots of beer. The University of California at Santa Cruz is where marijuana is most widely used, according the survey.

Students at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks claim to do the least amount of studying.

Transylvania University in Kentucky didn't make the top party schools list, but it did take the highest ranking for its Greek system.

At the opposite end of the party school scale, Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, topped the stone-cold sober list.

It was also the No. 1 school for drinking milk and for having the most religious students. It was the second top school noted for "not inhaling" and ranked third for having the most conservative students.