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Lies we should stop telling each other (and ourselves)

By Lauren Gold, The Frisky
From fashion disasters to diet choices, here are 15 lies we should stop telling each other and ourselves.
From fashion disasters to diet choices, here are 15 lies we should stop telling each other and ourselves.
  • This past week included "National Tell The Truth Day"
  • Author advises people to stop giving compliments that aren't genuine
  • Lying to avoid confrontation may cause problems later
  • When people say everything is "perfect," they are probably lying, author says
  • Family
  • Relationships

(The Frisky) -- This past week included "National Tell The Truth Day." And with that as an inspiration, we decided to get real with ourselves and others and stop lying.

Some people (us included) love to beat around the bush or zip their lip while their friends make serious mistakes. Hate the bridesmaid dress you have to wear? Tell the bride (unless it's the day of her wedding). Listening to your girlfriends whine about shady men? Remind them they deserve better.

Whether you're dealing with fashion disasters, diet choices, or relationship problems, here are all the lies we simply must stop telling each other and ourselves.

1. "I love your [insert ugly article of clothing here]!" Don't be catty. You hate her spandex skirt, so don't tell her it's fabulous. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all, not the opposite of what you're actually thinking!

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2. "I'm fine." You're not fine and everyone knows it.

3. "I'm right around the corner. Be right there!" If you're late, you're late. Time will tell the truth for you, so don't pretend you're close by when you aren't.

4. "That's a great idea." Actually, it's a terrible idea. Say something! Offer constructive criticism.

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5. "Those pants are really flattering on you." You're better off being embarrassed by a friend than a foe. Tell your friend not to buy them in the kindest way.

6. "Maybe he's just really busy." Yeah, maybe. But for the sake of your sanity, take some advice: He's just not that into you.

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7. "I'm not mad at you, I swear." Avoiding confrontation will just lead to bigger problems later. Learn how to deal with fair-weather friends, and stand up for yourself. Being passive-aggressive gets you nowhere.

8. "What she doesn't know can't hurt her." If a friend comes to you for advice, don't just rationalize whatever she's doing to make her feel better. Tell her she's wrong if she's wrong. She asked, right?

9. "I've got this covered. I don't need any help." We all want to be superheroes, but sometimes you can't do it all yourself. Let people in.

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10. "Don't worry; it's diet." That blueberry muffin might be "reduced fat," but you know better. Ditch your Diet Coke addiction, too.

11. "I don't have a drinking problem. I'm just ... " In college? Celebrating? Having a bad day? Listen to your friends and family. Maybe you really do have a problem.

12. "Everything is great! My life is perfect." Nobody and nothing is perfect. Sorry.

13. "He's not seeing anyone else." A friend recently told me that everything is a fling until you have a ring. That's a bit extreme, but if he's not your boyfriend, he's probably talking to other girls.

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14. "Of course this is 100 percent beef." These days, everyone has dietary restrictions. Don't lie if you don't know what's in that hot dog.

15. "I'm so ... " Fat? Ugly? No, you aren't. Be positive. You're beautiful the way you are, and that's the truth.

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