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Sudden death World Cup game awaits U.S.

By Matthew Mochow, CNN
After its dramatic win over Algeria, the U.S. plays Ghana on Saturday in the World Cup.
After its dramatic win over Algeria, the U.S. plays Ghana on Saturday in the World Cup.
  • U.S.-Ghana World Cup game highlights this weekend in sports
  • Joe Torre faces the Yankees, his former team, in interleague baseball
  • NBA free-agency season kicks off next week

(CNN) -- Wimbledon, World Cup, interleague baseball and the coming changes to the NBA landscape highlight the first sports weekend of summer.

World Cup

The knockout round of the World Cup starts this weekend. What does that mean? No more ties.

If the score of a game is tied at the end of the regulation 90 minutes of play, two periods of 15 minutes each are added. If the score is still tied at that point, the teams square off in a shootout. Each team gets five attempts to score on a penalty shot. The team that makes the most shots wins. If it is still tied after five kicks, sudden-death rounds of one kick each continue until the tie is broken.

The U.S. plays Ghana on Saturday. If they win that game, they're in the quarterfinals against the winner of the Uruguay-South Korea match. Full World Cup coverage


Interleague play continues this weekend in baseball. The most intriguing matchup is between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Dodgers manager Joe Torre led the Yankees to four world championships, and this is the first time he will face his old team since he left the Big Apple three years ago. The L.A. Times' Dylan Hernandez explains why Torre has mixed emotions going into this series.

The hottest team in baseball is the Texas Rangers, who go into the weekend on an 11-game winning streak. They face the other Texas team, the Houston Astros.


Venus and Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal all see action at Wimbledon this weekend.

Video: Isner 'hates to lose'
Video: Goalkeeper on the team's success

But John Isner -- the American who won this week's record-setting 11-hour match, which took three days to complete -- won't be playing. He was eliminated Friday in a match that took a little more than an hour.

NBA draft/free agency

The NBA held its annual draft Thursday night, with the University of Kentucky's John Wall taken as the top overall pick by the Washington Wizards. Wall was one of five University of Kentucky players taken in the first round, and in a draft that doesn't appear to have many potential superstars, he stands out. The creative playmaking ability for such a young guard should give Washington a much-needed boost. However there are no "sure things" in the draft, as you can see by this list of NBA draft busts.

The draft is just the warmup for the big NBA show that launches next week.

Starting Thursday, free agents are allowed to start talking to teams that want to sign them. The courting of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and other stars could change the landscape of the NBA. Once one of the big dominoes falls, it will set things in motion for the others.

SI's Chris Mannix runs down the NBA's top 40 free-agents.