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Company: Shards of glass in frozen veggie bags came from 1 lot of peas

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Five consumers said they found pieces of glass in frozen vegetables
  • The vegetables were sold at Kroger and Wal-Mart stores
  • The supplier of those vegetables initiated a voluntary recall of products that contain peas
  • The company now traces the problem to a single lot of peas

(CNN) -- Five consumers who found shards of glass in their bags of frozen vegetables set off what has become a national recall that the products' supplier is tracing to a single lot of peas.

The packages were supplied by the Pictsweet Co. of Bells, Tennessee, and sold in Kroger grocery stores in the Southeast and Wal-Mart stores east of the Rocky Mountains. All carry the Kroger or Wal-Mart's Great Value brand, said Anne Tyrrell, spokeswoman for Pictsweet..

Tyrrell said the company became aware that glass was inside some packages of frozen vegetables after getting complaints from five consumers. All involved peas originating in a single lot, and the company issued a voluntary recall for any product containing peas from that location.

There were no indications that anyone consumed or was injured by the glass in the packages, Pictsweet said in a statement. The company said the federal Food and Drug Administration has been notified, and it is conducting a "top-to-bottom review" to look into the incident.

The voluntary recall covers the following items:

-- Kroger 12-ounce Green Peas (UPC 11110 89736). Production codes of 1440BU, 1440BV, 1440BW, and 1600BD.

-- Kroger 12-ounce Peas and Carrots (UPC 11110 89741). Production codes of 1960BD and 1960BE.

-- Great Value 12-ounce Steamable Sweet Peas (UPC 78742 08369). "Best by" dates of July 20, 2012; July 21, 2012.

-- Great Value 12-ounce Steamable Mixed Vegetables (UPC 78742 08026). "Best by" date of July 15, 2012.

Consumers who have those products are urged to return them to where they bought them for a full refund, Pictsweet said.

Consumers can contact Pictsweet at 1-800-367-7412, extension 417, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, the company said.

CNN's Greg Botelho and Joshua Levs contributed to this report