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Diverse backgrounds color health care views in ways you may not expect

  • Interests and experiences color our views on the major health care overhaul that Obama signed on Tuesday
  • Their views on health care may be surprising or not in line with their other political beliefs
  • What's your take on the bill? Share your thoughts with CNN iReport.

(CNN) -- A student, a senior. A Democrat, a Republican. Someone with health insurance, someone with a pre-existing condition, someone with no insurance. Someone who's employed, and someone who's not. A doctor. A Massachusetts resident.

They all have different experiences and interests when it comes to health care, and they all have views on the sweeping health care bill that President Obama signed into law Tuesday. Click through the gallery above to meet people from all walks of life and learn their personal views on the health care overhaul and how they think it will affect us. Their answers may surprise you.