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10 inmates hurt in lunchroom brawl at Arizona prison

From Richard Vincent, CNNRadio
  • NEW: An "inmate-on-inmate altercation" left 10 inmates hurt, the correctional facility says
  • NEW: The fight, in a unit housing California prisoners, was quelled in 10 minutes
  • NEW: All 43 inmates involved were secluded, and the prison remains in lockdown
  • The incident occurred at a privately run prison in central Arizona

(CNN) -- A central Arizona prison remained in lockdown Friday, a day after 10 inmates were injured in a lunchroom brawl.

The "inmate-on-inmate altercation" broke out during lunch Thursday in a part of the Red Rock Correctional Center that houses prisoners from California, the facility said Friday in a news release.

Forty-three inmates were involved, and as of Friday all were secluded from the rest of the prison population "pending further investigation and appropriate disciplinary action," according to the statement.

Ten of those inmates were hurt, including seven who were transported off-site for treatment. As of Friday, one remained in a hospital after suffering a non-life-threatening injury, Red Rock Correctional Center said.

Most of those sent to hospitals had head injuries, said Officer Michael Andonie, a policeman in Eloy, where the prison is located.

Prison staff defused the situation within 10 minutes of the fight breaking out, according to the correctional facility, adding that inmates complied with orders. No staff members were injured in the melee.

Besides representatives from Red Rock, officials with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are looking into the incident.

The prison is a private facility owned by Corrections Corporation of America, said Andonie. It is about 55 miles northwest of Tucson and 60 miles southeast of Phoenix.