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Dad: Principal came into home looking for my sick kids

By Julie Cannold, CNN
  • The father of two teen brothers says the principal came calling after the boys called in sick
  • The father filed a police report saying the principal entered the apartment without permission
  • The school says it has placed the principal on administrative leave
  • The police say they're still trying to sort things out

New York (CNN) -- Police in a New York City suburb are investigating whether a school principal entered the home of two teenage brothers after they called in sick.

Principal Ernest Jackson allegedly found the two brothers sick in their beds and tried to get them to get up and get to school, Chester, New York, Police Chief Peter Graziano told CNN.

"That was his purpose for going over there," Graziano said. "What we're investigating is whether or not he was invited into the home or entered on his own."

The boys' father, Michael DiQuattro, filed a police report claiming that Jackson had entered the family apartment without permission. Details surrounding the incident are not clear, but according to that report, the teens -- ages 13 and 16 -- did not mention the incident to their father until "several weekend visits" after it happened.

"I'm sick to my stomach, I was upset," DiQuattro told CNN affiliate WABC. "It just strikes me as somebody who would do something like that is definitely not all there."

Jackson could not immediately be reached for comment.

But his school, Chester Academy in Orange County, New York, said it placed Jackson on administrative leave while police try to decipher whether the principal illegally entered the apartment to check on the students.