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Hearing Friday for man held after firearms found near National Mall

From Eric Fiegel, CNN
  • Preliminary hearing Friday for Arizona man
  • Rifles and a handgun are found in a camper attached to a pickup truck
  • Police noticed propane tanks connected by wires to batteries, generator

Washington (CNN) -- An Arizona man will have a preliminary hearing Friday morning on charges related to the discovery of several firearms in a camper parked near the National Mall.

James M. Patock, 66, of Marana, Arizona, entered a not guilty plea Thursday through his attorney. Patock was being held overnight.

District of Columbia Magistrate Judge Karen Howze found probable cause to hold Patock. Federal prosecutors said Patock has prior arrests in Arizona, is a flight risk and is a threat to the community. The judge did not find Patock to be a serious flight risk.

Patock faces charges of carrying a pistol without a license and unlawfully transporting a firearm.

According to U.S. Park Police, police Wednesday noticed propane tanks connected by wires to four car batteries and a generator. The windows of the camper, which was attached to a pickup truck, were covered in foil. The vehicles were parked near the Air and Space Museum, police said.

Park Police spokesman David Schlosser told CNN that several firearms were found in the camper. Officers found a .223-caliber rifle, a .243-caliber rifle barrel, a .22-caliber rifle, a .357-caliber pistol, boxes of ammunition, various forms of identification, cameras, a laptop and more than $1,500 in cash, police said.

Thursday's hearing did not cover any possible motive.

Patock's court-appointed attorney, Larry Williams, said his client is in great pain and is totally disabled. He did not specify those ailments.

"After his arrest, the Defendant waived his rights and stated again that he lived in the trailer, that he slept there every night, that he had been in the District and the surrounding area for approximately two weeks," the complaint stated.

Police searched the camper and removed items, including clothing and a mattress. Bomb sniffing dogs and bomb technicians were brought to the scene, but no explosives were found.