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Death toll rises in Mexican border city shooting

By the CNN Wire Staff
Police guard the house in Juarez, Mexico, where 14 people were shot to death on Friday night.
Police guard the house in Juarez, Mexico, where 14 people were shot to death on Friday night.
  • A prosecutor says 14 people were killed and 14 others were injured
  • Authorities are investigating the backgrounds of the victims
  • Mexico's National Human Rights Commission is sending a team to the neighborhood
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(CNN) -- The death toll from a shooting at a house party in the violence-plagued Mexican border city of Juarez has climbed to 14, state media reported Sunday.

Chihuahua State Attorney General Carlos Manuel Salas told reporters that another 14 people were injured when gunmen attacked the gathering of young people at a house party Friday, the state-run Notimex news agency reported.

The victims killed were between ages 14 and 30, Notimex said. Children as young as 7 and 11 were among the injured, the agency reported.

Salas said authorities were investigating the backgrounds of all the victims.

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission said it was sending representatives to the neighborhood, which was near another home where cartel gunmen stormed a house party in January, killing 15 people. Most of the victims in that shooting were youths who had no ties to organized crime.

Investigators said the January shooting was a case of mistaken identity caused by bad intelligence. It sparked widespread outrage in the violent border city, including calls for Mexican President Felipe Calderon to resign.

In a news conference Saturday, the country's deputy interior minister told reporters federal authorities will maintain the security strategy they are developing with state officials.

"We are here to address this deplorable and condemnable acts, and to ensure full support to local authorities investigating these unfortunate events," deputy interior minister Juan Marcos Gutierrez said, according to Notimex.

CNN's Nick Valencia contributed to this report.