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Fast-food patron, manager go 'WWE' on would-be robber

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Customer tackles armed robber
  • Richard Barret was eating at his favorite fast-food restaurant when a gunman entered
  • Barret helped the store's manager bring down the would-be robber
  • He also spoke to authorities over the phone while he held the robber down
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  • Robbery

(CNN) -- A man eating at his favorite fast-food restaurant took action Sunday night during an attempted armed robbery, teaming up with the store's manager to tackle the gunman and hold him down until police arrived.

The incident took place at a Miami Subs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Richard Barret told CNN affiliate WSVN that he didn't see the gunman enter, but he later saw him scuffling with restaurant manager Steve Lebrun.

"I went up and I grabbed the guy with like a WWE [wrestling move]," Barret said Wednesday, describing how he and Lebrun drove the gunman into the floor headfirst. The scene was caught on the restaurant's surveillance video.

Lebrun told WSVN he attacked the gunman after the gunman pulled the trigger and it did not go off.

"That's when I rushed and grabbed his wrist, took the gun from his hand and beat the living daylights out of him," Lebrun said.

Another customer had dialed 911 during the scuffle, and he handed the phone to Barret while the gunman was incapacitated.

"He hands me the phone, and I'm laying on top of this guy, and I was there with the phone, and I'm going, "Well, hello. I'm a little busy.' ... Now, looking back, it was kind of a comedy, but it sure wasn't at the time," Barret said.

A 16-year-old suspect was arrested and, because he is a minor, was not identified. Police told WSVN they are investigating his possible connection with other robberies in the area.

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