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Dallas police seek charges against officers in videotaped beating

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Police recommend three officers be charged in beating
  • Incident that followed chase of motorcyclist captured on video
  • Police chief says such behavior won't be tolerated

(CNN) -- Dallas, Texas, police are seeking criminal charges against three officers in the videotaped beating of a motorcyclist after a chase.

One of the officers turned a second video dashboard camera away during the incident, Police Chief David Brown announced at a press conference Wednesday.

The two officers who apparently were in the lead chase vehicle disregarded an order to stop the chase on the evening of Sept. 5, Brown said. A recording showed that either officer Kevin Ray Randolph or Paul Gregory Bauer said, "Keep us going. I'm going to kick the s--- out of him."

The video, which was discovered after an anonymous note, shows the police vehicle bumper tapping the motorcycle, which had by then stopped.

Randolph is shown hitting Collins with a baton several times while Bauer uses his fists and knee, Brown said. Other videos of the incident have since been found.

Police investigators will recommend to the Dallas County district attorney that Randolph, who was terminated Wednesday for failing probation, and Bauer be charged with misdemeanor assault, official oppression and felony tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, the chief said.

The department put three other officers, Jeremy James Francis, Robert James Kamphouse and Daniel Stephen Malouf, on restricted duty. They were seen on the second video also having contact with Collins, but they are not clearly seen because

officer Henry Walter Duetsch had turned the camera away from the beating, Brown said.

Police recommend that Duetsch be charged with felony tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting a concurrent civil rights investigation. The chase suspect, Andrew Collins, is black.

"Every citizen deserves a measure of respect," said Brown. "As chief of police for the city of Dallas, I expect citizens to hold me accountable for ensuring that Dallas officers treat all citizens with fairness and compassion."

Other officers on the scene will be interviewed and investigated.

Collins suffered bruises in the incident, developed blood clots and complained of pain. He initially was charged with three traffic warrants, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and possession of marijuana after his arrest. After seeing the video, Brown dropped the resisting arrest charge.

"This won't be tolerated," Brown said.