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'Jersey Shore' star pleads guilty to being annoying on beach

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is sentenced to two days of service and fined $500
  • She was arrested in July on charges of disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance
  • "You seem to be acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe," a New Jersey judge tells Polizzi

(CNN) -- A New Jersey judge Wednesday sentenced Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the MTV "Jersey Shore" star, to two days of community service with animal control and a $500 fine after she agreed to plead guilty to annoying others on a beach.

Polizzi was arrested in July on charges of disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance.

The judge also ordered that she pay $33 in court costs and gave her one day credit on the community service sentence, according InSession producer Michael Christian, who was in the courtroom.

The prosecution asked the court to limit Polizzi's community service to two days, and asked that it be carried out in Seaside Heights.

While Seaside Heights Municipal Judge Damian Murray agreed to the two days of community service, and even credited her with one day, he still had some tough words of advice.

"You seem to be acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe," he said. "This is not the way you want to live your life."

Lohan was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail for missing alcohol counseling sessions in violation of her probation. The judge also ordered Lohan to spend 90 days in a drug and alcohol rehab program after her jail term was completed. She ended up serving only 13 days in jail and about 23 in rehab.

Polizzi would have faced up to $3,200 in fines if found guilty of all charges. The disorderly conduct charge, which was dropped, could have carried a 30-day jail sentence.

A jail sentence is something that Polizzi has said in the past that she would have a hard time handling.

She told MTV News that jail is not the place for someone as attractive as she is.

"I'm too pretty to be in jail. I'm a good person. I'm not a criminal and I will never go back there," she said.

She said she realizes she may have had too many drinks, but it's nothing to get crazy over.

"I don't know why people take it so seriously," Polizzi said. "I had a couple cocktails, and they just put me in a drunk tank to sober me up."

While in court Wednesday, Polizzi apologized "to anyone who was hurt" and said, "This is definitely not like me."