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Coyote killed after trying to attack 3

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Teen fights off coyote attack
  • Teenager is able to scare the animal away, police say
  • Rye Brook is in southeastern New York state

Check out the local report on CNN affiliate WABC-TV in New York.

(CNN) -- Authorities killed an aggressive coyote who had attacked a man, a teenager and a toddler in New York this week.

Police in the village of Rye Brook shot and killed the coyote Sunday after reports of attacks.

The coyote was seen lunging at a 14-year-old boy that evening, police said. The boy was able to scare the animal off by hitting it in the face.

"The 14-year-old was not injured but did have marks where the coyote made contact with the teen," police said.

An hour later, the coyote ran at a 2-year-old girl who was playing in the driveway with her father. The father was able to scare the coyote off but only after he was bitten on the back of the leg.

"The father's injury was superficial, and the 2-year-old was not injured but had marks where the coyote made contact with her," police said.

CNN affiliate WABC-TV said police shot and killed the coyote.

Rye Brook is in Westchester County in the southeastern part of the state.