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Boston police say 'vicious thugs' killed pizza delivery man

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Pizza man robbed and killed
  • The district attorney says the stabbing was "chilling in its callousness"
  • Police: The suspects broke into a house and ordered pizza, then stabbed the delivery man
  • Friends say the 58-year-old delivery man was working three jobs to provide for his family

(CNN) -- Boston police have arrested three suspects who they say stabbed a Domino's pizza delivery man and drove off in his car.

Two teenangers and a 20-year-old are charged with homicide in what investigators described as a brutal crime.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said 58-year-old Richel Nova's death "was chilling in its callousness and violence."

CNN affiliate WCVB reported that the three suspects broke into a vacant home Thursday night and then made a call for pizza to be delivered, according to police.

When Nova arrived, he was stabbed multiple times at the kitchen door, police said.

The group drove off in Nova's car, then left it in a church parking lot, WCVB reported, citing a police report. They took about $100 Nova was carrying -- and the pizza -- with them.

"Richel Nova was a hard-working man, making an honest living to provide for his family when he was preyed upon by three vicious thugs," Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis told reporters. "For a small amount of money, these suspects committed unspeakable acts of violence while showing Mr. Nova no mercy."

Friends told WCVB that Nova, a Dominican immigrant who moved to Massachusetts more than 20 years ago, worked three jobs to provide a better life for his son and twin 20-year-old daughters.

"It's a shame," friend Rafael Hernandez told WCVB. "You come here to change your life and do better, and that's what happens to you."

Michel Andre St. Jean, 20, Alexander Emmanuel Gallett, 18 and Yamiley Mathurin, 17 are accused of homicide, armed robbery and armed breaking and entering of a dwelling.

They are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday, WCVB reported.