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Texas police chase lands on airport runway

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Police chase shuts down airport runway
  • NEW: Police were worried suspect would try to drive into planes
  • Man crashes airport gates in Texas car chase
  • Chase shut down Love Field for about 10 minutes

(CNN) -- A police chase through central Dallas, Texas, ended on the runways of Love Field after a man driving a stolen pickup truck crashed through the airport's gates Thursday afternoon, officials said.

Police had tried to stop the truck on a nearby street after they realized it was taken during an aggravated robbery in Fort Worth, Texas, on Wednesday, Dallas police said in a statement.

The driver refused to stop and the chase began shortly after 2:30 p.m.

The man drove the silver Chevrolet through an airport gate and down one runway, drove across the taxiway to another and back in the opposite direction.

"Air traffic was suspended on that runway, however there were several plane[s] at the opposite end of the runway that the suspect began driving towards," the statement said. "Supervisors monitoring the pursuit made the decision to terminate the pursuit by whatever means necessary so as to preserve the safety of the occupants of the planes. Officers were able to strike the suspect vehicle with their police car, causing it to spin out and ultimately come to a stop. The suspect was taken into custody shortly after that."

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A knife believed to have been used in the Fort Worth robbery was recovered in the truck, police said. The suspect was identified as Michael Laurence Brown, 46.

Police said the suspect may be linked to other crimes. Charges in the airport incident will follow an initial investigation, police said.

"Although all major incidents such as this are reviewed to ensure all proper procedures were followed, it appears all the officers involved did an outstanding job to bring a dangerous pursuit to a safe end while getting a violent criminal off the streets," according to the police statement.

Four commercial carriers and several general aviation companies use the airport, located just north of downtown Dallas.

The chase shut down operations for about 10 minutes, forcing one arriving aircraft to delay its landing and holding departing planes on the ground, FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said.