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Lawyer: Husband of missing Texas woman has 'watertight alibi'

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Lawyer: Missing mom's husband has alibi
  • Julie Ann Gonzalez has been missing since March 26
  • Austin police consider estranged husband, George De La Cruz, as "person of interest"
  • De La Cruz's lawyer says there's "an innocent explanation for everything"

(CNN) -- The husband of a Texas woman missing since March has a "completely watertight alibi" on the day his estranged wife disappeared, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Julie Ann Gonzalez was last seen March 26 by her estranged husband, George De La Cruz, and Austin police said this week that they consider De La Cruz a "person of interest" in the disappearance. But the husband's lawyer told HLN's "Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell" that the documents are between three and nine months old.

"If anyone would look at the timeline of the day that Julie Ann disappeared and the timeline my client has provided from morning till night, it is physically impossible that he had anything to do with her disappearance," the attorney, Patrick Fagerberg, said. "It is a completely watertight alibi everywhere he was."

Gonzalez, 21, was last seen March 26 when she came to pick up the couple's 2-year-old daughter. De La Cruz has said his wife appeared "out of it" when she came to the house, changed her mind about picking up their daughter and said she would come back later.

The couple was going through a divorce, and Gonzalez had told a friend about a new man in her life whom she said was taking her away for the weekend, her mother, Sandra Soto, said in May. But she said Gonzalez's MySpace page was updated by a mobile phone user after her disappearance to add posts that read "I wanted to run away" and "I'm sick of the BS in my life."

Her car, which was almost brand new, was found abandoned outside a Walgreen's drug store. Gonzalez worked as a pharmacy technician at another Walgreen's. And Gonzalez has not accessed her bank account since her disappearance, but someone used her credit card to purchase the movie "The Spiderwick Chronicles" at a store in Austin, her mother said.

Fagerberg said De La Cruz was the one who purchased the movie. He said he spent three hours with detectives Tuesday, "going over the warrants and giving the logical, innocent explanation for some things in those warrants which may appear incriminating on the surface."

But he said that when all the facts emerge, "You will see that there was an innocent explanation for everything that happened that day," he said.