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Paris teens charged in bare-breasted robberies

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Two teen girls are charged in 3 ATM robberies
  • Victims said they were distracted by exposed breasts
  • The teenagers will be prosecuted as juveniles
  • Robbery
  • Crime
  • Paris France

Paris, France (CNN) -- French police believe they've gotten to the bottom of a series of robberies in which teenage girls exposed their breasts to distract men withdrawing money from Paris cash machines.

Two teenagers have been charged with three hold-ups, but they will be prosecuted as juveniles since they are under 18, according to the Paris prosecutor's office.

Police say that on August 7, a man inserted a card into a cash machine in central Paris to withdraw money when two young females approached him and asked for money. The girls waved a newspaper at the man in an attempt to distract him, but the technique didn't work.

So the girls tried another strategy: One of them bared her breasts and put her hand on the man's genitals while the other took the opportunity to withdraw 300 euros, police said.

The two teenagers also are accused of stealing a total of 400 euros in two other Paris ATM robberies on August 17, the prosecutor's office said.

CNN's Sarah Goddard contributed to this report