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French robber steals cash by baring breasts

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • A female robber flashed a man and touched his genitals
  • Another robber withdrew his money from a cash machine
  • The culprits have not been identified

Paris, France (CNN) -- A man in France was stripped of 300 euros when a robber distracted him with her breasts, authorities say.

Police say on August 7, the man inserted a card into a cash machine in central Paris to withdraw money when two young women approached him and asked for money. The women waved a newspaper at the man in an attempt to distract him, but the technique didn't work.

So the women tried another strategy: One of them bared her breasts and put her hand on the man's genitals while the other took the opportunity to withdraw 300 euros, police said. The women fled and have not been identified.