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Attorney connected to Casey Anthony's murder case steps down

By Adam Blank, In Session
Brad Conaway, right, represented George Anthony, whose daughter is charged with killing his granddaughter.
Brad Conaway, right, represented George Anthony, whose daughter is charged with killing his granddaughter.
  • Attorney connected to case is stepping down, citing "not true" allegations
  • Brad Conway turned in a resignation letter Monday
  • Conway represented Casey's parents, George and Cindy Anthony

(CNN) -- An attorney connected to Casey Anthony's murder case is stepping down, according to a statement released early Monday.

Brad Conway, the attorney who represented Casey's parents George and Cindy Anthony, said he is being "forced to resign," citing allegations in an August 9 motion filed by the defense that he says are not true.

"As an officer of the court I cannot stand idly by knowing allegations involving me have been misstated. I am now a witness to an inaccurate legal pleading," said Conway.

"As such, I cannot continue in good conscience as a legal representative."

Conway's resignation comes in the midst of an ongoing dispute between Anthony's defense team and Mark NeJame, the attorney who represents Texas Equusearch, a private company that assisted in the search for Anthony's daughter Caylee.

According to the defense motion, NeJame allowed an attorney "not related to the Defense of Casey Anthony ... to view 4,000 pages of search documents, making whatever notes and conclusions he wanted to do, and then allowing the state to do the same thing."

Jose Baez, Anthony's lead defense attorney, claims the defense was not given the same access to the Texas Equusearch documents as Conway. He says he was denied critical information about the thousands of volunteers who participated in Caylee's search -- who the defense could untimely call as potential witnesses.

NeJame was the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony before Conway. He was subsequently hired by Texas Equusearch.

Baez told reporters Monday that an agreement has been reached between both parties, and that Anthony's defense will be given access to the documents.

"We're trying to save a human life here ... I've said from the beginning that I'm going to get access to those documents and I'm not going to stop until I do," Baez said. "Bottom line is we want to know what happened out there."

Casey Anthony is charged with capital murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The girl was reported missing in July 2008, and investigators found her body after five months of intense searches and speculation.

In Session's Ilana Rosenbluth and Nancy Leung contributed to this report.