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Indianapolis woman shot dead at party at her home

By the CNN Wire Staff
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2 dead after gunman shoots into crowd
  • NEW: Barbara Johnson, 37, was killed at her Indianapolis home
  • Police are processing a vehicle they say may have been used in the shooting
  • A police spokesman tells CNN affiliate WISH "it could've been a lot worse"
  • Police are still searching for the suspect who fired an assault rifle into a crowded party

(CNN) -- The morning after a masked gunman killed two people and wounded six more at a party, police in Indianapolis, Indiana, were still on the scene investigating, authorities said Tuesday.

Indianapolis police said the victims were Barbara Johnson, 37, who lived at the home where the shots were fired, and Charles Mays, 54, also of Indianapolis.

Investigators had found two cars that may be related to the incident, Indianapolis police Lt. Jeff Duhamell said Tuesday.

Police have recovered a silver/green Chrysler 300 sedan "that had been shot several times" that may be the suspect's vehicle, an Indianapolis police news release said. The vehicle was found parked and unoccupied and was towed for further investigation, it said.

Earlier in the morning, investigators found a silver Dodge Charger that they believe was initially at the crime scene, and then was driven away by someone attending the party, Duhamell said. Video from CNN affiliate WISH showed the vehicle was riddled with bullets. But no one inside that vehicle was wounded, the news release said.

The incident happened in the "near northwest" part of the city, in a neighborhood rife with gun violence, drugs and prostitution, Indianapolis police Sgt. Michael Jefferson said. Seven victims were found outside the house where the party was going on. The eighth victim was found in a vehicle less than a mile away.

"It makes you sick. And it makes you wonder, 'Why are people so bent on killing each other, shooting each other? For what?'" an unidentified neighbor told CNN affiliate WISH. "I don't know what's going on, what's happening in our neighborhood. Hopefully, we can get some help over here. And the young people have taken over. They're doing whatever they want to do."

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Witnesses said that around midnight, at least one person got out of a car, put on a mask and fired what appeared to be an assault rifle at a crowd gathered at the party, Duhamell said.

"Unfortunately, two people were killed," he told WISH. "We're talking at least 25-30 rounds from a high-powered rifle, so although eight people were shot, it could've been a lot worse."

The six other gunshot victims, all Indianapolis residents, were rushed to hospitals, Duhamell said.

Clarian Health spokesman Gene Ford said Tuesday morning that four patients had been brought to Methodist Hospital.

Tamera Williams, 32, and Nakeisha Morris, 24, were treated and released, he said, and he was unable to disclose information on Jewel Dotson, 21, and Prinsonia Johnson, 54.

Wishard Hospital received two victims. Willie Battles, 28, was treated and released, while Kendall Hill, 25, remained in the intensive care unit in good condition, hospital spokesman Todd Harper said Tuesday morning.

Police had initially been sent to the vicinity of the party around 10 p.m. Monday after they received a call about a person toting an automatic weapon, Jefferson said.

Investigators were still searching for the gunman Tuesday morning and trying to determine if others were involved.

CNN's Samuel Gardner and Mark Morgenstein contributed to this story