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Man accused of posting bail with counterfeit bills

By Megan Miller, CNN
  • New Jersey police say man used counterfeit money to post $400 bail
  • On discovering error in bail, he returned to jail to ask for money back, they say
  • Bills' identical serial numbers, poor paper quality were giveaway, police chief says

(CNN) -- Police say a Camden, New Jersey, man had the audacity to return to the jail where he posted a $400 bond with counterfeit bills, demanding a refund.

Ronald T. White was charged with shoplifting July 7, but his bail was incorrectly written up. When he found out, authorities say, he returned to the Cinnaminson, New Jersey, jail the following week to demand his money back.

White appeared in Burlington County Superior Court on Thursday, and this time his bail was set far higher.

According to Cinnaminson Police Chief Steven Fowler, the department issued a warrant for White's arrest after his counterfeit bail posting of $400, but because he was a Camden resident, it was out of jurisdiction.

Though Camden police were alerted to the claims, they weren't exactly banging down his door.

"Even though it was a $5,000 warrant for his arrest, they have bigger issues over in Camden, being the murder capital of the world," Fowler said.

White had posted bail using at least two bills bearing identical serial numbers, police say, and the serial numbers also matched those on one of the bills found on him when he returned to the Cinnaminson jail to reclaim his extra $200.

Upon further inspection, Fowler said, the counterfeit bills White used to post bail were of poor paper quality, although the printing appeared very accurate. The duplicate serial numbers were the giveaway, he said. "He was surprised that he was discovered," Fowler said.

Burlington County prosecutor's office representative Joel Bewley said that because White did not produce the counterfeit bills but merely attempted to purchase goods with them, the official charge was theft by unlawful taking.

On Thursday, at White's first appearance in Superior Court, his bail was set at $7,500, because of outstanding charges from Camden County added on to the Burlington County charges.

White's case will be presented before a grand jury within six weeks. In the meantime, until he can post bail with legitimate bills, he will be held at Burlington County Jail.