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Officers indicted in scheme to steal and sell drugs

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Three officers are accused of working with drug dealers
  • The alleged crime occurred in May
  • All three officers could get 60 or more years in prison

(CNN) -- Three Pennsylvania police officers were indicted this week for allegedly being part of a plan to steal heroin from a drug dealer and sell it.

The Philadelphia officers were allegedly part of a scheme hatched by three other drug dealers to steal 300 grams of heroin from the drug dealers' supplier, the indictment says.

In May, the officers arrested a drug dealer with heroin in his car. Instead of taking the drugs to the police department, the officers worked with the dealer to sell the drugs, the indictment said.

The suspects wanted to "distribute that heroin to another person whom the defendants believed to be a drug dealer and money launderer, but who was, in reality, an undercover Special Agent from the Drug Enforcement Administration," the Justice Department said in the statement.

Two of the officers received $6,000 in the deal. The other officer was paid an unspecified amount.

The officers were identified as Robert Snyder, Mark Williams and James Venziale.

Williams could get a maximum sentence of 84 years in prison. Snyder could get a maximum of 60 years. And Venziale could get a maximum 80-year prison sentence.