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Imprisoned former Detroit mayor charged with misconduct as wife visits

By Julian Cummings, CNN
Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and wife, Carlita, appear before the press in September 2008.
Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and wife, Carlita, appear before the press in September 2008.
  • Kwame Kilpatrick is serving 5-year sentence in Michigan
  • His wife visited him in prison on July Fourth
  • Prison officials say he touched his wife on her breast
  • The sexual misconduct charge could lead to a reduction in privileges
  • Kwame Kilpatrick
  • Detroit
  • Crime

(CNN) -- The imprisoned former mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, was charged with sexual misconduct during a visit by his wife on July Fourth, according to a report released by the Michigan Bureau of Prisons.

"A correctional officer observed him touch the wife on her breast," said Russ Marlan, a spokesman for the bureau.

"All prisoners know it's against the rules," Marlan said of such contact.

The report states that a correctional officer observed via a prison video feed Kilpatrick touch his wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, on her breast with his right hand in the prison visiting room at Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee.

If found guilty of the misconduct Kilpatrick could lose certain privileges, including a loss of visitations from his wife.

According to Marlan, the incident also will be discussed during a parole hearing for Kilpatrick in a year.

Prisoners are allowed one kiss with visitors and are allowed to hold hands in photographs. Anything else is considered to be misconduct, the prison spokesman said.

"To many it may seem like not a big deal, but we do have people passing contraband back and forth, as well as children in that room," said Marlan.

Kilpatrick currently is serving a maximum five-year sentence in Michigan for violating probation in a 2008 case against him. That case involved two felony counts of obstruction of justice stemming from Kilpatrick's efforts to cover up an extramarital affair. He also pleaded no contest to charges of assaulting a police officer attempting to serve a subpoena on one of his friends in that case.

On Tuesday, the former mayor was arraigned in federal court on 19 counts of felony fraud and tax charges. He is accused of using the Kilpatrick Civic Fund -- a tax-exempt fund meant to pay for voter education -- to make cash payments to himself, his family and friends.