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Green Bay Packers players questioned in alleged assaults of two women

By the CNN Wire Staff
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NFL players questioned in sexual assault
  • Seven players questioned and released after two women say they were sexually assaulted
  • One player remains under investigation
  • Police say the women met the players at a bar
  • The players were at the resort for a charity golf tournament, police said

(CNN) -- Seven players from the Green Bay Packers were questioned as part of an investigation into the alleged sexual assaults of two women early Saturday at a Wisconsin resort, authorities said.

Six of the men were later released and are not considered suspects. A seventh man, who was not identified, was also questioned and released, and remains under investigation, according to Lake Delton police Chief Thomas Dorner.

Police in Lake Delton, about 50 miles north of Madison, were alerted to the alleged assaults after the two women placed a 911 call at 4:17 a.m. Saturday, a police statement said.

The women directed officers to a condo at the Wilderness Resort Golf Cabins where the alleged assaults occurred, the statement said.

Dorner said the women had been invited back to the rental condo by the seventh man after the women met the group of players earlier in the night at a local bar.

Seven men at the condo were asked to go to the police department for questioning. Six of the men -- all listed on the NFL team's current roster -- were later released and are not suspected of any criminal activity, the statement said. The seventh man was also released, but "his involvement in the incident is still under investigation."

The Packers released a statement Saturday saying "we are aware of the reported incident and still are gathering facts."

The men were staying at the resort after participating in a charity golf tournament on Friday, Dorner said.

Dorner described the incident as a "he said, she said situation," with the seventh player claiming it was a "consensual sexual act."

Dorner said police "weren't able to develop probable cause to make any arrests at this point" and will forward all information to the district attorney's office, who will then decide whether charges will be filed.

The incident comes less than two months after Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after being accused of raping a woman at a Milledgeville, Georgia, bar. Roethlisberger had faced the threat of criminal charges in the case, but prosecutors ultimately decided that they could not prove that a crime had been committed.

CNN's Sarah Aarthun contributed to this report.