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Teens arrested after party causes $45,000 damage to house

By the CNN Wire Staff
"I've never seen anything like it in my career," a detective says of the damage to the party house.
"I've never seen anything like it in my career," a detective says of the damage to the party house.
  • With parents on vacation, teen has party that goes out of control
  • "There was blood, urine, food, all over the floors," detective says
  • Police say some at party trashed the house, residents' car

(CNN) -- Four teenagers have been arrested for their alleged involvement at a party last month that caused at least $45,000 worth in damages to a house, according to police in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

"There was blood, urine, food, all over the floors," Detective Michael Jenkins of the East Bridgewater Police said on Thursday. "I've never seen anything like it in my career."

It was "total destruction," he said.

He said a couple left for Paris, France, in late February, and left their 18-year-old son with neighbors and a key to the house to keep an eye on it.

The son, who was unnamed, arrived at his house with some friends around 5 p.m. on February 20 and discovered a teenager, whom Jenkins identified only as a juvenile, playing basketball there.

The juvenile encouraged the son to have a party, Jenkins said, prompting the son to invite an unknown number of people over. Four cars full of people also arrived after they were invited by the juvenile, the detective said. But the party's size burgeoned to 50 to 100 people after the juvenile logged onto Facebook and advertised the party, the detective said.

Video: Party does $45,000 in damage

Some of the teenagers "trashed" the house, kicking down bathroom doors, ruining antique furniture and urinating on mattresses, Jenkins said. The family's truck, which was in the driveway, was ruined, Jenkins said. A laptop was also stolen, he said.

Although the party occurred on February 20, a Saturday, the damage was not reported until two days later, Jenkins said. "The stench was unbearable," he said.

The four teenagers were charged on Tuesday. Three of them, who are charged as adults, were identified by police as Daniel Peterson, 18; Michael Edwards, 17, and Gersham Grossman, 18. The fourth is a juvenile.

Peterson and Edwards face felony charges of malicious destruction. Grossman faces a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and a felony charge of malicious destruction to a motor vehicle, Jenkins said.

It was not immediately clear if they had retained legal counsel.

The juvenile faces several charges, including malicious destruction and larceny, Jenkins said. He said it had taken four to five weeks to complete the investigation, and he did not rule out additional arrests.

"We feel there were more kids that were involved in the destruction," he said.

East Bridgewater, which has about 14,000 residents, is about 28 miles south of Boston.

CNN's Alta Spells contributed to this report.