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Naomi Campbell's driver says model assaulted him

From Kristen Hamill, CNN
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Naomi Campbell talks to CNN about anger management in this February 12, 2010 interview
  • Male driver, 27, tells police model Naomi Campbell struck him in back of neck
  • Police say she left scene of alleged assault on Manhattan's East Side on foot
  • Police say they would like to question her but don't know her whereabouts
  • Campbell spokesman: "There is more to the story than meets the eye"

New York (CNN) -- A driver for Naomi Campbell told police that he was assaulted by the supermodel Tuesday, according to the New York Police Department.

NYPD Deputy Commission of Public Information Paul Brown said Campbell left the scene of the alleged assault on Manhattan's East Side on foot. He said police were interested in speaking with her but did not know her whereabouts.

Campbell's spokesman, Jeff Raymond, told CNN in a written statement, "There shouldn't be a rush to judgment. Naomi will co-operate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye."

Brown said the 27-year-old male driver pulled over about 3 p.m. in the vicinity of 58th Street and Second Avenue and reported to a traffic agent that he had been assaulted by Campbell. Campbell fled the scene while the traffic agent called for police, Brown said.

The driver told officers that Campbell had struck him in the back of the neck and caused his head to hit the steering wheel, according to police. The driver, who was taken to a local precinct for questioning, had a small bruise and swelling under his right eye, according to police.

The driver had been hired for the day to drive Campbell to a studio in Queens.

Campbell, 39, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in 2007, admitting she hit her former housekeeper with a cell phone in March of 2005.

In 2000, she pleaded guilty to a 1998 charge of assault against an assistant. And in October 2006, she was arrested again, this time in London, for allegedly attacking her drug counselor.

Last month Campbell admitted on CNN's Connect The World she had been working on controlling her anger after her recent outbursts. "I took a lot of time out," she said. "Everybody has their demons and I had to look in the mirror and face mine.

"Until I did that there was not going to be a change in my life. I didn't want to be the way I was. I'm a work in progress Every day is a new day ... every day I'm learning something new. But I know I'm taking a step forwards and not backwards."