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This week on Marketplace Middle East

This week, MME takes a look at what the future has in hold for Dubai.
This week, MME takes a look at what the future has in hold for Dubai.
  • In the past year, Dubai has restructured nearly $25 billion of its debt
  • The Emirate's total debt is estimated at over $100 billion -- what's the way forward?
  • Plus, Standard Chartered EMEAA CEO, V Shankar, on the lessons Dubai has learned

In Focus: Dubai debt one year on

One year ago, Dubai rocked the world with its debt crisis. Since then it has restructured approximately $25 billion of Dubai World's debt. With an estimated total debt of over $100 billion, the Emirate is now working through its other holdings.

This week MME takes a look at the way forward for Dubai.

Facetime: V Shankar, CEO, Standard Chartered EMEAA

The stability of the dollar, the UAE economy and the restructuring of Dubai are all essential to the region. For Standard Chartered, the Middle East is key, and the company announced that it hopes to increase the region's share of its global business by 20 percent in the next five years.

This week, MME speaks to the CEO of Standard Chartered EMEAA, V Shankar, about what's transpired over the last year and the lessons Dubai has learned.

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