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China to create blacklist as it targets poorly made goods

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The country is out to counter negative impressions of "Made in China"
  • Chinese products have taken a beating with scandals in recent years
  • The blacklist would follow a 2009 ad campaign about quality-made Chinese goods

(CNN) -- China will produce a blacklist and identify companies that make poor products, as it boosts the "Made in China" label, said the nation's minister of industry.

Chinese goods have taken a beating in recent years, with scandals involving tainted food and drug ingredients, and contaminated toys sold around the globe.

The nation will reward businesses with good track records and punish those that violate industrial standards, said Li Yizhong, leader of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

Good companies will receive financial and policy support from his ministry, he said at a forum Thursday in Beijing that focused on manufacturing quality.

The announcement follows an ad campaign launched in 2009, which boasted the tagline "Made in China: Made with the world," and highlighted Chinese companies that partnered with overseas businesses to make quality products.

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang likewise urged quality manufacturing at Thursday's forum, Xinhua said. That would help China move up the global economic food chain.

The nation is pushing to make more valuable products as it faces increasing pressure from countries with cheaper wages and younger workforces.

Despite previous government campaigns to boost product quality, China continues to struggle with rogue manufacturers, lax enforcement and corrupt government officials.