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UK store launches divorce gift registry

By Phil Han, CNN
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Store launches 'divorce list'
  • UK department store, Debenham's, has launched a divorce gift registry
  • The gift list will appeal to couples who have recently divorced
  • Items on the registry include pots, irons, kettles and toasters
  • January is the busiest month for divorce in the UK

London, England (CNN) -- A new service launched by a UK department store promises to make life a little easier for couples who divorce, by offering them a gift registry option in stores.

Debenham's launched its divorce gift list service on the heels of an increase in popularity of divorce greetings cards and divorce celebration parties complete with cake.

"If someone is getting divorce and they're moving out of their marital home they may be living on their own for the first time in their life," Debenham's PR manager Ruth Attridge told CNN.

"There's lots of things they don't have because not everyone has two toasters so it's something they're going to need.

Friends and family simply choose from a list of gifts pre-selected with the store's help.

"Unlike a wedding list which tends to be full of luxury items, I think this is going to be more basic," Attridge said.

"People will get towels, bed linens, irons, toasters and kettles."

The launch date was anything but random -- Debenham's chose the month of January because it's the busiest month for divorce in the UK.

Richard Dodd of the British Retail Consortium said he wasn't surprised that retailers are getting more creative during tougher economic times.

"It's about focusing on what your customers need and want, and of course looking for new opportunities," Dodd said.

"Looking for niches or new demands and new services you can offer that others haven't thought of."

According to Debenham's, no one has signed up for the service just yet.

Between 2006 and 2007, an estimated 144, 220 people in the UK filed for divorce.