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4 U.S. service members dead in apparent accident in Afghanistan

  • Two helicopters apparently involved in collision in southern Afghanistan
  • Two other NATO-led service members were injured
  • NATO reports that hostile fire was not involved in apparent accident
  • Separate helicopter incident with casualties reported in western Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan
  • NATO

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Four U.S. service members were killed when two helicopters were apparently involved in a mid-air collision in southern Afghanistan on Monday, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

Along with those killed, two other NATO-led service members were injured in the incident.

"The incident is currently being investigated, but it is confirmed that hostile fire was not involved," ISAF said in a news release.

There was also a separate incident on Monday involving a helicopter in western Afghanistan that resulted in an unknown number of reported military casualties.

ISAF said a joint, international security force killed "more than a dozen enemy fighters" as they searched a compound. The location was believed to harbor insurgents involved in activities related to narcotics trafficking in western Afghanistan.

The militants were killed in a firefight when insurgents confronted the joint force. As the force was leaving, a helicopter "went down due to unconfirmed reasons."

Along with reported military casualties, a recovery operation has been launched.