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There is hardly anything in U.S.-Arab relations that screams scandal louder than the torture pictures of Abu Ghraib:

Naked hooded male bodies in the fetal position, piled up on top of each other in a pyramid shape, next to them U.S. soldiers in uniform smiling and giving two thumbs up. Naked males made to touch their genitals on camera, others beaten so hard that paramedics are at hand to treat their wounds in preparation for the next round of torture.

For the Arab world, the human body is a taboo, a sacred temple that should be covered and respected. For many, exposing the naked body is a sin. So it is no surprise that taking pictures of the naked, hooded men was seen as a sick inexcusable act. The United States was already unpopular in the Arab world, mainly because of its war in Iraq. After Abu Ghraib in most quarters, it became despised with a vengeance. Read full article »

CNN's Tracy Doueiry contributed to this report.

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