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5 people arrested in Karachi for alleged terror activities, police say

From Umar Aziz Khan for CNN
  • Group was attempting to set up a terror network in Karachi, police said
  • Members of group trained in explosives in Waziristan, police said
  • One member confessed to planning attacks in Karachi, police said
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  • Karachi
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Karachi, Pakistan (CNN) -- Police say they have arrested five people who were attempting to set up a terror network in Karachi.

Senior superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department Fiaz Khan said Wednesday that the men were attempting to set up a terror network in this sprawling city in southern Pakistan.

Members of the alleged group have been trained in explosives from camps in the Waziristan region of northwest Pakistan, police said.

Police also said they seized two suicide jackets, five Kalashnikov rifles and more than a 100 kilograms of explosives from the men.

They said one member confessed to recently being in the region and to planning attacks in Karachi.

The five are still being questioned, police said.