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Zabiullah Mujahid, one of two spokesmen for Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, spoke recently with CNN's Nic Robertson about the war in Afghanistan and the Taliban's relationship with al Qaeda.

Mujahid almost never gives TV interviews and he initially said the interview with CNN would last 15 minutes, but spoke to Robertson for 45. Here is an edited transcript.

CNN: Can you tell me what the Taliban strategy is in Afghanistan?

Zabiullah Mujahid: The policy is quite clear. We ask from the beginning and we say once again to enforce the sharia law and Islamic government in Afghanistan, to remove foreign forces from our country. This is our country; we have to govern it.

CNN: Do you want to take over the government in Kabul or do you want to work with others? Read full article »

Nic Robertson, senior international correspondent, contributed to this report. The translator was Janullah Hashimzadeh.

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