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The Fareed Challenge: Best of 2009

'The Fareed Challenge' is a weekly quiz that will test how much you know about what's happening in the world today. Check back every week for a new quiz.
'The Fareed Challenge' is a weekly quiz that will test how much you know about what's happening in the world today. Check back every week for a new quiz.
  • This week's quiz features a compilation of some of our favorite off-beat questions from the year
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Have you been paying attention to the news? Answer these questions and find out.

1) An ad campaign in Brazil encourages residents of that country to do what to save water?

a. Bring dirty dishes into the shower and wash them there
b. Shower only once a week
c. Shower in groups
d. Urinate in the shower

2) The marriage of technology and religion: followers of what faith can now "tweet" prayers to what center of their religion?

a. Judaism/The Western Wall
b. Catholicism/St. Peter's Basilica
c. Tibetan Buddhism/The Potala Palace
d. Islam/Mecca

3) A company called Al Nassma wants to sell 100 tons of premium chocolate each year and be the "Godiva of the Middle East". What is unique about their product?

a. It is made in Mecca
b. It is from camel's milk
c. It is made with trace amounts of crude oil
d. It is made with bits of sand for crunch

4) What nation's citizens were recently ranked as the world's worst tourists in a global survey of hoteliers?

a. American
b. German
c. Australian
d. French

5) The EU has taken France to court for failing to protect what?

a. The French language
b. The royal French peacock
c. The giant hamster of Alsace
d. The mold spores necessary to make bleu cheese

6) The Catholic Church announced that it would install what to try to control the spread of swine flu?

a. Automatic holy water dispensers
b. Automatic communion wafer dispensers
c. Automatic communion wine dispensers
d. Self-cleaning confessionals

7) What international airline requested that passengers use the bathroom before boarding so that they weigh less and, therefore, less jet fuel is needed to move the plane?

a. All Nippon
b. Aeroflot
c. LOT
d. Virgin Atlantic

8) What is the novel plan that the mayor of the Sicilian town of Ficarra came up with to get his town through their own economic crisis?

a. Selling the town's historical artifacts to China
b. Buying lottery tickets with local officials' salaries
c. Betting an entire year's budget on "red" on a roulette game in Monaco
d. Selling the entire town to a Russian oligarch

9) To mark the 40th anniversary of the moon landings, a group in England believes they successfully launched a piece of what into space?

a. Queen Elizabeth II's coronation gown
b. Sir Edmund Halley's burial gown
c. Cheddar cheese
d. Sticky toffee pudding

10) What two countries -- friendly rivals - are now closer together (physically) after an earthquake? It's only about a foot, but it's a start.

a. U.S./Canada
b. U.K./France
c. New Zealand/Australia
d. Norway/Sweden

Answer Key: 1) d 2) a 3) b 4) d 5) c 6) a 7) a 8) b 9) c 10) c