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The Fareed Challenge

'The Fareed Challenge' is a weekly quiz that will test how much you know about what's happening in the world today. Check back every week for a new quiz.
'The Fareed Challenge' is a weekly quiz that will test how much you know about what's happening in the world today. Check back every week for a new quiz.
  • Take this quiz to find out how much you know about what's going on in the world
  • This week's quiz features Dubai, Afghanistan, the Copenhagen climate meeting and more
  • 'GPS' airs on CNN Sundays, 1 and 5 p.m. ET
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Have you been paying attention to the news? Answer these questions and find out.

1) Dubai might be in the dumps thanks to its debt, but now it has company. What EU nation is thought by many to be facing the impending threat of bankruptcy?

a. Estonia
b. Romania
c. Malta
d. Greece

2) Opposition protestors in Iran this week hit the streets on a day they call "Azar 16." Whose death does the day commemorate?

a. Prophet Mohammed
b. The Shah
c. Three University of Tehran students
d. Ayatollah Khomeini

3) Which official in Afghanistan said this week that he would be leaving his post soon?

a. Head of U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan Kai Eide
b. U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry
c. Kabul Mayor Abdul Ahad Sahebi
d. Afghan Vice President Karim Khalili

4) President Obama said last week that U.S. troops will begin to pull out of Afghanistan in 2011. This week President Karzai said that Afghanistan will need help from the U.S. until what year?

a. 2012
b. 2018
c. 2024
d. 2030

5) AOSIS is the acronym for a group of 43 nations at the Copenhagen climate meeting that has more of a sense of urgency at the talks than most others. Why?

a. All of the nations are below sea-level
b. All of the nations are islands
c. All of the nations have territory in the Artic Circle
d. All of the nations are along the equator

6) A 6.5 foot statue of Barack Obama as a 10-year old boy was erected this week near what city?

a. Jakarta, Indonesia
b. Honolulu, Hawaii
c. Washington, DC
d. Berlin, Germany

7) Controversy has erupted over what the Russians say is one of the last remaining physical remnants of Adolph Hitler -- a piece of his skull. American scientists say it couldn't be from Hitler because the bone is actually from what?

a. A monkey
b. A pig
c. A child
d. A woman

8) There is a bill gaining momentum in the Ugandan government that is causing much consternation around the world. The proposed legislation would institutionalize severe discrimination against what group?

a. Whites
b. Christians
c. Muslims
d. Gays

9) The U.S. military this week confirmed reports circulating on the internet about "The Beast of Kandahar." What is this beast?

a. An aerial drone to patrol Afghanistan
b. A dangerous child-killing animal still on the loose in Afghanistan
c. A deranged Afghan serial killer now in jail
d. A heavily armored vehicle to patrol Afghanistan's cities

10) Many Norwegians this week reported seeing an unusual spiraling blue light in the sky above their nation. What did it turn out to be?

a. An aerial drone
b. Air Force One
c. The northern lights -- unusually bright thanks to climate change
d. A failed Russian intercontinental missile test

Answer Key: 1) d 2) c 3) a 4) c 5) b 6) a 7) d 8) d 9) a 10) d