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(CNN) -- The Iran / Hostage Anniversary show generated enthusiastic commentary with mixed feelings.

While many felt this was a great show with a daring exchange among the guests, others thought it did not include all aspects of the issue to present it publicly.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the comments? Below, you will see some opinions from viewers like yourself. If you missed the show, or for more information on the full-length podcast @ Amanpour.


It made me sick to stomach to listen how she talks about the most brutal regime in the world. Ms. Amanpour: today, the entire world knows the truth about behind the scene of the Iranian regime, thanks to the brave men and women in Iran who put their lives in danger to send out this message. Today, same as last several months, we hear Iranian People crying "Death to Dictator".
Noushin, U.S.

I am one of your biggest, Australian fans, now Emailing you from Hong Kong. Your interview of Sahib Erakat (Palestinian Spokesperson) this week was not up to the usual high standards. Erakat and his co-politics define all of the State of Israel as their land.

Furthermore, a little factual history tells us that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan occupied 'Palestine' during their war of aggression against Israel some 60 years ago and Israel again defended itself against coordinated Arab military aggression in 1967, redefining control of land and defensible borders.

There is a recognized dispute - Palestinian claims are not their rights, but their claims - This dispute can only be resolved meaningful peace and goodwill between people. Building residential housing in Jerusalem suburbs to accommodate citizens of Israel are not 'settlements'.
Ron Goldschlager, Australia

I respect you as one of the few journalists who seem to understand integrity in reporting rather than a long standing trend of "info-tainment". I was however, rather surprised by your show on the anniversary of the hostage taking in Iran. You and your guests seem to take this moment in history as a "key event" which began the bad relations between the US and Iran.

Both of your guests take the view that this was a moment in which the Iranians caused great damage to themselves.

What is particularly surprising is that Jimmy Carter's point man seems blissfully unaware of the 1953 coup - Operation Ajax. Moreover, the former hostage you interviewed has no understanding of the backdrop for the events in 1979. How can it be possibly discussed the hostage taking in 1979 without relating it to the single most important factor in US-Iranian relations - the 1953 coup against Moussadegh?

This coup was organized and orchestrated by the US and the UK and has been traced by many historians and journalists as the foundation for what would later happen in 1979. The US and the UK in overthrowing Mossadegh unleashed a chain events that created the environment for the 1979 hostage taking as well as the backdrop for US-Iranian relations.

I think your program would have done a much better job if the relationship between the 1953 coup, the 1979 hostage taking and the current tensions between the two countries were taken in their total context. Certainly the events in 1979 were painful, tragic and important but they were not the true beginning of the problems between the US and Iran. Please consider these comments if you cover this topic again or for future topics presented by your program.
Jeff, Armenia


Gilbert Byemera: History will always be rememberd

José Victor Consuegra-Acosta: Great topic, indeed!

Rory Arquiza: Discussions were informative..

Glaucio Sombra: People will never forget. A country that does not remind its History is bound to forget it. Not the US in the case of Iran.

Glaucio Sombra: Don't forget to repeat History.

Peter Fodor: Very interesting and exciting - sadly time has not healed the rift - both parties still insist that they were and are right! Perhaps we will see something new here: Instead of "Ping-Pong Diplomacy" we will have results from "Amanpour Diplomacy". I must admit I was a bit wary of another talk show but now I am sold and am certain that your show is unique, useful and exceptional! Keep up the great work!

Cecille Ganoria Vedda: Every wise men on earth tried diplomacy but nothing clear happens. Could it be just an ordinary citizen can resolve this?

Ratko Mladeni?: Shah Pahlavi said that the greatest enemy of Iran is Iraq. Mr. Asgharzadeh and the others didnīt act responsible towards their country.

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