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This week on Inside Africa...

Host of "Inside Africa," CNN's Isha Sesay
Host of "Inside Africa," CNN's Isha Sesay
  • Inside Africa reports on Africa's seats in the United Nations Security Council
  • CNN's TJ Holmes sat down with Alicia Keys to talk about her visit in Africa
  • Photographer Tim Hetherington shows us his Liberia photo exhibit
  • Plus, World Food Prize and Nigerian Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe

(CNN) -- This week on Inside Africa

It's one of the most sacred acts of the Zulu people. We take you inside an ancient wedding ceremony played out in modern times.

Africa gains two seats on the United Nations Security Council, but should those seats be permanent, and what will Nigeria do with this two-year opportunity?

Plus, Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys takes us on her eye-opening trip to Africa and talks about how the experience changed the way she wrote her next album.

Alicia Keys in Africa

She's traveled the world on tour but for singer Alicia Keys nothing spoke to her like a visit she once took to Africa. It moved her to help create a charity and influenced her next album.

CNN's TJ Holmes sat down with the singer to find out what caused the profound effect.

Liberia Photo Exhibit

Tim Hetherington is a photographer who has witnessed the violent life behind rebel lines in Liberia's 2003 civil war. He takes us through photos he took during his time there, now on display in London.

World Food Prize

There is a weed so powerful in sub-Saharan Africa that it can destroy hundreds of thousands of hectares of crucial crops. It's a problem that has puzzled researchers for ages. But now, thanks to one man, a breakthrough is on the horizon. We reveal why Dr. Gebisa Ejeta is the recipient of this year's World Food Prize.

Interview with Ojo Maduekwe

The United Nations has recently voted in its newest members to the Security Council, the new five out of 15 who will serve for the next two years. Nigeria and Gabon received the two African seats, making this the third time Gabon has served on the council and the fourth time for Nigeria.

CNN's Isha Sesay spoke with Nigerian Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe about what he'd like to accomplish in the next two years and how it felt to be the one to bring this success to Nigeria.

Traditional Wedding

A view of ancient times. These were images sent in by an iReporter of one of the most sacred acts of the Zulu people: a traditional wedding. Our correspondent Errol Barnett caught up with the iReporter behind these photos.