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On a dusty pitch in the middle of the capital of Monrovia limbless young men play football as though their lives depended on it.

They are members of the Liberian National Amputee Football Team and for the most part, victims of the war. Some participated in cruel acts against civilians during the fighting and face a daily struggle to live with both their disability and the past.

"I was at church when armed men came in and killed hundreds of us," says 18 year old Richard Duo, who is now a star infield attacker and one of the highest goal-scorers on the team.

"I lost my mother, father and one of my brothers. My other siblings were wounded and I lost my leg.

"Now that there is peace, I have decided not to think about that anymore. I only want to look forward, to see what I can do to help myself and my family in the future. Those terrible things have already happened. I just want to focus on the future," he says. See photos of Richard Duo and his team mates Read full article »

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