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For the past 15 years, "Mama Bona" has taken care of dozens of children who have been abandoned, separated from their families and orphaned in the long-running conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

When she cannot find a family to host them, they are welcome to stay at her house. Most are Congolese or Rwandan.

"Each time there is a war in Congo, women get killed or raped, and many children are left on their own. They are homeless and live like vagrants," Mama Bona told the ICRC.

Sitting in her small hut in the town of Sake, in North Kivu, the 49 year old Red Cross volunteer speaks with decisiveness and determination.

"Take little Baraka," she says, showing a tiny baby girl who is feebly crying at the breast of a woman seated opposite her. Read full article »

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