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Florida patrol: Woods met with troopers 5 days after accident

By Susan Candiotti and Ross Levitt, CNN
A Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman says Tiger Woods and his attorney met with a captain and two troopers in Orlando on December 1.
A Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman says Tiger Woods and his attorney met with a captain and two troopers in Orlando on December 1.
  • Highway patrol: Woods, attorney met with a captain and two troopers in Orlando, Florida
  • Meeting occurred December 1, when they delivered the citation for his signature
  • Woods' traffic accident happened on November 27
  • Troopers: Woods' appearance consistent with auto accident, not domestic violence

(CNN) -- After three failed efforts by troopers to meet with him in the aftermath of his November 27 auto accident, golfer Tiger Woods met with the Florida Highway Patrol five days later -- after they'd closed the case and decided to cite him for careless driving.

Highway patrol spokeswoman Kim Montes said Woods and his attorney met with a captain and two troopers in Orlando, Florida, on December 1 when they delivered the citation for his signature.

"When we called (his attorney) and said he would be cited for careless driving, that's when it was decided to bring the ticket over," Montes said.

"He was very polite to the troopers, and we left," she said. "Our case was closed, and that was the sole purpose for the meeting."

Woods' attorney, Mark Nejame, declined comment.

Montes couldn't say whether the meeting took place at Woods' home in the gated community of Isleworth, Florida, and she was unable to contact troopers for clarification Wednesday night.

Woods crashed his black Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and then a tree outside his Florida home just a few days after the National Enquirer reported he was having an affair with a New York nightclub hostess, who denied the affair.

A day after he paid his $164 traffic ticket, Woods' world began to crumble under what would eventually become an avalanche of allegations of infidelity.

Woods issued an apology for "transgressions" that had let his family down, as several women reported they had affairs with the golfer. One woman allegedly had Woods on a voicemail asking her to take his name off her cell phone because "my wife went through my phone and may be calling you."

Montes said it's not unusual to deliver a ticket to witness a signature unless the driver is out of town.

"It's normal protocol to get the ticket signed," she said.

Three previous times, troopers were turned away from Woods' home when they attempted to talk with him about the accident in his driveway Thanksgiving night. Woods was not required to talk with police.

Investigators ended their case without interviewing Woods after failing to persuade a state prosecutor to issue a subpoena for Woods' medical records. The Orange County, Florida, chief prosecutor indicated in documents that a subpoena lacked probable cause.

But the December 1 meeting gave troopers a chance to see what Woods looked like five days after the accident. By then, unsubstantiated rumors were flying about whether Woods had been struck by a golf club by his wife. She had told police she used a club to rescue him from the locked SUV after it crashed.

Montes insists the meeting had no ulterior motive. "We did not go over to evaluate him," she told CNN.

"He had a bump on his lip or a fat lip consistent with someone who had not been restrained in a vehicle that was in a traffic accident," she said. "It was not consistent with someone who's been a victim of domestic violence."

She said the troopers' opinion was based on other investigations they've done.

Disclosure of the December 1 traffic ticket handoff came after unsubstantiated Internet reports that in the original incident, Woods had been hit in the face with a golf club, suffering a gash, knocking out his teeth and sending him to a plastic surgeon in Arizona for plastic surgery shortly after the accident

The Florida Highway Patrol's meeting would appear to make the timing of that trip impossible. Woods' agent has not responded to CNN's questions about those reports.