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This week in iReport: Snow all over the place, provocative Nativity

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This Week in iReport
  • Major snowstorms strike several states, shutting roads and cutting power
  • White stuff also fell in unexpected places like Houston and Baton Rouge
  • A provocative storefront Nativity display causes controversy in California
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(CNN) -- This week in iReport, we take a close look at the heavy snowfall that dropped down on many parts of the country. Some of the snow fell in places where people aren't accustomed to seeing snow. We also examine a controversial storefront Nativity display.

Snowfall blankets several states -- Major snowstorms slammed parts of the country this week, shutting down roadways and leaving some areas without power. Some places received incredible amounts of snow, but a few of our seasoned iReporters proved they could handle anything. In Colorado, Shawn Ramsay sent several updates as the snow piled up outside the guest ranch where he works. He captured a great shot of snow at 8 inches and continued to provide updates as the levels climbed higher and higher. In Flagstaff, Arizona, iReporter Tristan Weir shared photos of snow covering nearly everything in sight. He then grabbed his camera and showed us the view outside his front door.

Snow also fell on places that aren't used to seeing the white stuff. The reaction was a mix of excitement and shock as we saw snowmen in Oakland, California, and snow-covered banana trees in Houston, Texas. We also saw big, fluffy snowflakes falling over Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The iReporters were eager to grab their cameras and document this rare treat.

Controversial Nativity scene -- Some Los Angeles, California, residents think a local department store has gone a little too far with its Nativity display. It sounds traditional enough: The holy family, three wise men and an angel. But that's until you see it. Mary is posed provocatively on the floor wearing a short dress while the three wise men are depicted as women carrying shopping bags. The store says it was not their intent to shock or be controversial, but some residents say the display is disrespectful. These residents say they're planning to contact local churches to protest if the Nativity scene isn't changed.