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This week in iReport: Afghanistan views and one giant condom

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This Week in iReport
  • iReporters weighed in on President Obama's Afghanistan plan
  • Effects of a major industrial disaster were still being felt 25 years later
  • Shoppers camped out to take advantage of Black Friday
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(CNN) -- This week in iReport, we're looking at one of the hottest topics of discussion lately: President Obama's decision to send more troops into Afghanistan.

iReporters had a lot to say about this issue, but that's not all. iReporters showed us long lines all around the U.S. for Black Friday, and one shared the story of survivors still suffering 25 years after a major industrial accident in India. Finally, a giant condom was unfurled in observance of World AIDS Day.

Obama's Afghanistan plan -- iReporters certainly weren't at a loss for words when it came to President Obama's recent decision to send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan. Some believed that he was right in listening to his generals and doing exactly that. Others said that it was time for the troops to come home. No matter how iReporters felt about the issue, it was certainly a spirited debate.

Chemical disaster -- We looked at powerful international stories this week. One video commemorated the 25th anniversary of a chemical gas disaster in Bhopal, India. On December 3, 1984, 40 tons of poisonous chemicals escaped a Union Carbide chemical plant. iReporter Joel Gershon told us people are still suffering health problems from the tragedy, and he interviewed people who remember the accident and are feeling its effects.

World AIDS Day -- We also saw something a bit offbeat, but with a serious message. Gert Ungerer shared the story of a giant canvas "condom" placed over a lighthouse on the northern coast of South Africa to bring awareness of World AIDS Day. The region has felt the serious effects of AIDS. Ungerer's video outlined how the condom structure was put up and how it looks in daylight.

Camping out for Black Friday -- Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, signals the start of the holiday shopping season, when people rush stores at the crack of dawn in hopes of scoring some major deals. We received photos and videos of lines and crowded stores all over the United States. Dedicated shoppers brought blankets and tents to make the wait more bearable, and some people waited for days to get the best sales. iReporter Asa Thibodaux visited a Best Buy in Maple Grove, Minnesota, to talk to some of the shoppers in line. You may be surprised at what they planned to buy.