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Police interview with Tiger Woods' neighbors released

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Tiger's neighbors on crash
  • Shoeless Tiger Woods snored on neighbor's lawn as his wife stood by after car crash
  • Neighbor said she was alerted to accident by headlights shining into home from vehicle on lawn
  • "She was actually very quiet. Just kind of in shock," neighbor said of Woods' wife
  • Neighbors didn't smell alcohol on Woods as they covered him with blanket, gave him pillows

(CNN) -- A shoeless Tiger Woods snored on their lawn while the golfer's wife stood silently by in the minutes after his SUV crashed into a tree, neighbors told Florida investigators.

The Florida Highway Patrol on Thursday released the audio recording of their interview of Wood's longtime neighbors who rushed out of their house in the early hours of last Friday to help Woods.

Troopers issued a careless driving citation to Woods for the crash, but he will not face criminal charges, police said Tuesday.

Woods, 33, struck a fire hydrant and a tree with his 2009 Cadillac SUV in his luxury neighborhood near Windermere, Florida, early Friday, police said.

Kimberly Harris said she was awake in her bedroom when she heard "a faint, continuous knocking sound for about 10 or 15 minutes."

It was unclear from the interview what Harris heard.

Harris eventually noticed headlights shining toward her house from a vehicle on the lawn, so she awakened her brother, Jarius Adams.

"It's Tiger, dial 911," Harris said her brother yelled after rushing outside.

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"I saw Tiger lying on the ground," Adams said. "Elin was talking to him," he said, referring to Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren.

"'Can you please help me, can you please help me?' " he said she asked.

After that, she "wasn't very verbal," Adams said. "She was actually very quiet. Just kind of in shock, you know, just kind of sitting there."

Nordegren told investigators she used a golf iron to smash a rear window so she could unlock the door to get her husband out after the wreck.

Woods appeared to have a cut lip, but he wasn't bleeding much, Adams told the troopers.

"Maybe if you'd have bitten your lip, or something like that," he said. "Nothing on his shirt, nothing on his hands."

It was a cool morning, so Adams and Harris covered Woods with a blanket and put pillows under his head, Adams said.

"I tried to just keep everyone kind of calm," he said.

When a trooper asked if Woods was unconscious, Adams said, "At that point, he was, uh, he was snoring."

"He was snoring?" the investigator asked.

"He was actually snoring," he said.

Adams said he never smelled alcohol on Woods' breath.

Woods eventually was placed in an ambulance and taken to a hospital. He was released several hours later. The police report called his injuries serious, but a spokesman for Woods described them as minor.

Woods cited the injuries as the reason for his decision not to attend his own charity golf tournament this week.