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This week in iReport: Tuition protests and love for Oprah

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This Week in iReport
  • Students protest proposed University of California tuition increases
  • iReporter hears from people who don't want Oprah Winfrey's show to end
  • The travel Photo of the Day showcases a brand-new outstanding image
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(CNN) -- This week in iReport we're looking at some big news in California, as well as a momentous announcement in entertainment and your fantastic travel images.

iReporters gave us a window into students' struggles to stop the University of California system from raising tuition. We also saw a great video highlighting ordinary folks' sadness that Oprah Winfrey will be ending her talk show. Finally, we took a look at the Photo of the Day gallery on, which highlights the best shots you've taken on trips. Check out this week's wrap-up to see the best of this week.

Tuition increase protests -- Many students at University of California schools protested proposed tuition increases at their respective campuses. Police and students could be seen clashing openly in Berkeley, California, in a video that iReporter Justin Lee shot on the campus of UC-Berkeley. Aman Grewal of Los Angeles, California, went on campus and showed us doors barricaded inside a UCLA building. Graduate student Charles Parker in Davis, California, sent lots of photos showing students who took over a building at UC-Davis.

'Oprah, don't leave!' -- George Twopointoh hit the streets of New York after hearing that Oprah Winfrey would be ending her long-running talk show in 2011. He was curious to find out how people were reacting to this news, and produced a video showing colorful opinions from people he met on the street. The verdict: Many New Yorkers he spoke to wanted Winfrey to reconsider. Others wished her well on her future ventures.

Your photos showcased -- The Photo of the Day gallery on's Travel section features a brand new photograph from around the world each day. The shots are from iReporters across the globe. From the deserts of India to a sunset in Iceland, they're all breathtaking. You can check out all of the stunning photographs on