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This Week in iReport: Shuttle launch and an early Christmas

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This Week in iReport
  • iReporters capture images of the shuttle Atlantis launch
  • An Illinois town dresses up early for Christmas to grant a wish
  • "New Moon" fans flock to the premiere in California
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(CNN) -- This week in iReport, we received a lot of compelling content. iReporters captured images of the shuttle Atlantis roaring into space. An iReporter shared a beautiful story of how one town is giving a dying boy a Christmas wish. We've also got lots of footage of "New Moon" fans excited for the big premiere. We've got all this and more in this week's video wrap-up.

Shuttle launch -- When the shuttle Atlantis blasted off on a mission to the space station on Monday, iReporters got some stunning shots. Danny Mills, who works at NASA, had the unique opportunity to see it from 150 feet off the ground. Larry Kitlas has seen many launches through the years and tries to get a different vantage point every time. He shared some amazing video of the shuttle as it went into orbit. One iReporter got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as only one of 100 NASA Twitter followers who had the chance to see NASA behind the scenes and watch the launch from the press area.

Bright lights shine for dying boy -- We heard a touching story out of Washington, Illinois, about a family who is having an early Christmas for their son, Dax Locke, because he has terminal leukemia. Doctors have given him weeks to live, so every moment is precious. Not just the family but the entire community has banded together to decorate houses and public spaces. They call the project Decorate for Dax and the goal is to give Dax and his family a bright and cheerful holiday together.

"New Moon" madness -- Julie Ellerton braved long lines and excited fans to see what the "New Moon" premiere was all about. Screaming fans flooded the premiere this week in Westwood, California. She spotted one lucky fan who was given a free ticket to the premiere.