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This Week in iReport: Bursting balloon, canoeing the Mississippi

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This Week in iReport
  • Watch a balloon burst for the sake of science
  • Take a ride down the Mississippi
  • Check out work from two iReport artists
  • Tell your stories at CNN iReport

(CNN) -- This week in iReport, we blast off into the skies and splash into the vast waters of the Mississippi River. Take a look at how a group of college students send a weather balloon into near space. Meet iReporter Neal Moore who's documenting his journey down the Mississippi River. And check out two of our talented artists, Brixton Doyle and Jim Brenneman.

Up, up and away -- Students in a class at the University of Southern Indiana tried an unorthodox science experiment: launching experiments into the sky on a weather balloon. The experimental devices (and school mascot) attached to the balloon were in turn exposed to near space, which their professor Glen Kissel says is a great environment to measure. They fought to get the balloon going in heavy wind, and then watched the balloon pop at 90,000 feet and come back to Earth.

Canoeing the Mississippi -- CNN iReporter Neal Moore is on a documentary journey down the Mississippi River. He started in Minnesota and is steadily making his way down the river, documenting stories he finds along the way. He calls his project the "Flash River Safari," and says its purpose is to report on and participate in positive American stories and highlight "uplifting community projects."

Cartooning the news -- We're showcasing two incredibly talented artists -- graphic designer Brixton Doyle and cartoonist Jim Brenneman -- who've been contributing to CNN iReport since the beginning. While Brenneman is a news junkie who's always commenting on what the media is covering, Doyle's usual topic of choice is politics.