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New York Yankees manager wins good Samaritan title

By Mythili Rao, CNN
Yankees Manager Joe Girardi "puts people first," a team spokesman says.
Yankees Manager Joe Girardi "puts people first," a team spokesman says.
  • On way home from World Series win, Joe Girardi stops to help motorist
  • Girardi comes upon wrecked car on highway outside New York
  • He makes sure driver is safe, gets her out of harm's way
  • "She had no idea who I was," Girardi says in radio interview

New York (CNN) -- It was a busy night for New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi -- not only did he lead his team to the World Series championship, but on his way home, he also helped the victim of a car accident get out of harm's way.

According to Jason Zillo, spokesman for the Yankees, Girardi was heading home after his team's World Series win and celebration Wednesday night when he spotted a car that had crashed along a busy, curving stretch of highway on the outskirts of New York near the suburb of New Rochelle.

The car was jutting into traffic. Girardi immediately stopped to check on the driver and help her out of the car, Zillo said.

"He wanted to make sure that if someone was in the car they were OK," Zillo said. "And then he wanted to help her get away from a dangerous position in the highway."

Zillo said police officers arrived at the scene of the accident moments later.

According to CNN affiliate WABC, the accident happened around 2:25 a.m. on the eastbound lanes of the Cross County Parkway at the Hutchinson River Parkway, when a woman lost control of her car along a long blind curve and crashed into a wall.

Marie Henry, 27, of Stratford, Connecticut, said Girardi sprinted across three lanes of traffic to come to her aid.

"She had no idea who I was," Girardi said in a radio interview Thursday.

A Westchester County police officer who arrived at the scene described Girardi in the good Samaritan role as "totally surreal."

"The guy wins the World Series, what does he do? He stops to help," Officer Kathleen Cristiano told local news Web site

The Westchester Police Department did not return calls from CNN.

"A lot of people know him as 'Joe Girardi, the manager of the New York Yankees,' but Joe is someone who puts other people first," Zillo said. "The easy thing would have been for him to just drive by. But I think it shows a lot about his character."